In the department of extremely important news this week, I got a haircut. I’ve mentioned before that I like freebies and discounts (who doesn’t?) so when I saw a half-off Groupon-esque coupon for Mike Page Style Lab I couldn’t resist getting it. And not just because of the attractive price reduction, but also because I had been at an art show opening there before and had loved it (also, it’s just around the corner from The Tender HQ).

Having had long hair for quite a while now, I had decided for a change of look and go short. In spite of giving Mike little information on what I wanted and no photos or examples of short hairstyles, he understood right away what I wanted and cut it in a way that I wouldn’t need tons of hair products or elaborate blowdrying to look decent. Actually, my hair looks good even in this crazy wind and rain of the last couple of days.

Although the place looks very chic and kind of poshy, nobody frowned at my usage of a coupon and everyone was extremely nice and friendly. But not nosey or overly chatty like so many hair salons are, as I don’t particularly enjoy chatting about my personal life while somebody is using scissors next to my face.

Overall, although the price is definitely higher than Public Barber Salon just a block away, the experience is completely different. And since I only get my hair cut at most twice a year (I’ve tried going more often, I swear, I’m just a bit adverse to hairdressers), it might be worth the splurge to be fully satisfied with the results.

Where do you guys usually get your haircuts? Please share below.