If you haven’t had a chance to check out EINE‘s ‘Greatest’ show that just opened at White Walls last weekend, shame on you. You need to be very, very embarrassed, because it is quite awesome. And, if you’ve been wandering around San Francisco thinking, “Shucks, look at all them letters and words on buildings like these or these or these or those. Where in tarnation have all those fancy things come from?” Simple, they come from Mr. Ben EINE (the British fellow in the dapper designer hoodie above), a well-known street artist who spent three weeks prior to the show opening covering the city with his signature designs. The gallery show pulls together all these huge works in to a smaller, indoor-sized form that you and your favorite parent should view together so that you have the moment to remember forever.

But, beyond the sheer brilliance of EINE’s work, which by itself is quite cool in how it’s smashed its way in to a temporary outdoor home in our fair city (and neighborhood), there’s also Ben himself, who despite the fame and the fact that every second journalist/blogger must ask him the same questions, is really down to earth. If you don’t believe me, check out the video below:

Probably one of the standout quotes from it is when he talks about the Tenderloin (where he’s spent a good deal of his three weeks in SF) as:

the area that we’re in is like dirty, grimy, a little bit lawless, a little bit don’t care, so you can get away with shit and do shit […] feels more like home.

We couldn’t agree more and we’re really looking forward to his swooping back through the city in the Fall. While Banksy was fun, EINE is happening (at least until April 2, when the show closes).