From the Community Leadership Alliance we got word of some work by State Senator Leland Yee in regards to the infamous Tip Top Market at 90 Turk:

…a business with a police rap sheet a mile long, and a business that the community leaders have been trying to shut down for over three decades; was the recipient of Senator Leland Yee’s “Business of the Year” award.

We have no idea what the requirements are to receive a “Business of the Year” award, but it seems controversy must be one of them. Tip Top (formerly Grand Liquors) is a grocery store whose liquor license has been an ongoing bag of issues for the neighborhood. You may remember it as January’s Apology-Gate for that month’s lucky city official, Hisashi Sugaya. Leland Yee you may remember as “that guy who tried running for SF mayor in 2011 but [hopefully] lost because he was unable to actually ascertain where San Francisco was on a map”. Also, dude loves his shark fin soup.

>Update 3/15

We just received an angry email from Mr. Adam Keigwin, Senator Yee‘s Chief of Staff, informing us that “this story is completely false” as Tip Top Market has never been recognized as Senator Yee’s “Business of the Year”. Since we received the information via a widely distributed newsletter by the Community Leadership Alliance we made the mistake of not double checking its truthfulness. Now we know better than to trust anything the CLA says, and we apologize for the mistake.