Earlier this afternoon, we came across this scene outside 525 Hyde Street at O’Farrell. Initially, at around 1pm, we saw a paramedic van and several police cars arriving on the scene, cordoning the entrance of the building. A policewoman then arrived carrying what looked like a toughbook laptop and a couple of police guys in plainclothes who were possibly forensics. There were a good many people coming in and out of the building as well as neighbors making phone calls with their mobile phones added to a general sense of commotion around the area.

Upon asking the sergeant what was going on, it appears that a dead man was discovered in the side access way for the building but nobody knew who it was or what caused his death. He said they were all waiting for the building manager to show up and who knows what else. Some were surmising that it was a murder, but there was nothing we had heard to state that as an actual fact. Overall, the police were mainly just standing around in the drizzle for a few hours, as we saw them again at 4pm still in the same positions. Hopefully more details will be released soon.