Chris Ritson's show at Ever Gold in February

Although for some reason we haven’t written much about them around here, we find Ever Gold on O’Farrell to be one of the most exciting art galleries in the Tenderloin and in San Francisco. In their two years of life they’ve displayed Mark McCloud’s LSD blotter art, the post-apocalyptic interactive sculpture of Josh Short and the mail art of John Held Jr. Their most recent show was the result of their new residency program, in which artists take three weeks to convert the space into a gallery specific, immersing installation, awarded to Chris Ritson. Ritson’s show, “In the Kingdom of charism” was very alchemical in nature, incorporating crystals he had grown and filmed, lotus leaves and remains of live organisms.

So we were of course very excited to hear that during the month of March the guys at Ever Gold have a special programming featuring one night interactive installations, performances, lectures and music from a variety of artists. Or, as they describe it, “a plethora of environmental explorations in the spirit of Arts communities of Paris in the 1920’s and SOHO in the 1960’s”.

Ever Gold’s March Madness kicks off tomorrow Thursday at 6pm with lighting designer Andris Kasparovics will transform Ever Gold into a “synaesthetic environment utilizing technology and natural forces”. That will last until Saturday, and then Wednesday throughout Saturday they’ll have four different events that they’ve dubbed “The Ever Gold Gentleman’s Club”, in the tradition of San Francisco clubs like the Bohemian Club.

Check out the whole program, which ends on March 26th, here. And of course, you can also find each of the events in our Tender Calendar.