Damn, this dude’s really getting around our hood. As pointed out earlier, the artist EINE is running alphabetically amok in San Francisco. This letter ‘I’ was spotted at Will’s Automotive on 770 Post. Will’s also happens to be the site of hmmm, “exuberant” artist Jeremey Novy’s ant stencils. Who would have thought that an auto shop could be so cool.

It also turns out that EINE has put up a new mural at Eddy & Polk, behind the conceptual art installation entitled, “KFC-Taco Bell”. As you can see in the picture above it says, “We Rock Hardest” (“We” meaning the Tenderloin, of course). EINE, just wait until I get my juke on at Hemlock this Friday.

And yes, this is the same guy who did the smiley faces on Ada Alley.

And in case you didn’t get enough of this guy and can’t wait for the opening of his show at White Walls Gallery this coming Saturday, you can read this interview over at the White Walls blog (including a few pictures, too).