Today, former “conservative suburban twit“, C.W. Nevius wrote up an article in his column about Little Bird vs. David Overdorf. Haven’t heard of Overdorf before? He makes outdoor seating permits a jaunty experience and you should get acquainted:

Overdorf, who did not reply to interview requests, is a familiar name to DPW. He’s made many public complaints, including a recent dustup over a mural on Polk Street. Ron Case, chairman of the Lower Polk Neighbors, says a meeting to consider the mural was going along nicely until Overdorf, a former member of the organization, “just went off.”

He does indeed live in the neighborhood on Hyde between Post & Geary and it appears he’s been going around for some time, being a menace to just about any new, well, anything in the neighborhood solely for the sake of being contrary. Why, as one commenter put it, he hasn’t been labeled a “spurious litigant” by the city and rightly ignored is beyond me. Wait, no it’s not. This is San Francisco and we all have a voice no matter how full of nuts that voice may be.

Regardless, it’s good to see Little Bird getting some coverage over this as Chelsea and Dave have dealt with a lot of crap for something that should be pretty simple.