Checking out this awesome photo led me to looking at this incomplete Wikipedia article which in turn led me to this article over at Refinery29, who refers to it as Tenderknob in the url although the title has been corrected (people, let’s get this straight once and for all: the nob in Tendernob refers to Nob Hill, not to a door knob!). And this would sum up most of my days on the web.

When you read that Refinery29 article, it’s pretty wild to see how much and how quickly the Tendernob area changes. That article was written nearly three years ago and the following spots they list in it have all closed: Look Boutique, Babylon Falling, Ransack, and Brick. Sugar Cafe is still open and thriving, but they’ve changed their format a couple of times. Same goes for Cantina, although it’s so seriously on my X-List, I don’t know how it’s still open. And of course The Hundreds is still open, although that’s part of a larger brand, such as the case with a place like Bacca da Silva. That’s a 57% fail rate overall, though.

Obviously, the list of openings and closings in the area doesn’t stop at just these as it’s apparently some kind of massive accomplishment if a business is able to stay around more than two years.