For those who don’t frequent Hooker’s Sweet Treats, the owner recently moved to the neighborhood from some nameless distant part of the city that is only reachable by Muni, which means it doesn’t exist for us. So you might now have seen Gus in the streets of the Tenderloin, looking bored by your admiration and concerned about your insistence to give said admiration:

He also loves sitting on his owner’s shoulders, enjoying the fascinating view and feeling like the king of the hood:

Gus was adopted from the SPCA about three years ago and, in case you couldn’t tell, he’s a cute Dachshund and Russell Terrier mix. Hooker tells us his character has typical traits for both those breeds, but overall he’s a friendly, mellow guy. He’s quite thoroughly not in the sound of skateboards (he hates them), while birds are all potential targets for his doggie rage. He’s so crazy about them that the only way you’ll ever get his attention is by pointing in the air and shouting ‘bird’!

If you, too, want your own doggie to love and sit on your shoulders, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.