After several sleepless nights being woken up alternately by either AoA students partying in front of their dorms (as the college has lessened their work load and thus increased their party load) or by sirens, I wondered, “What happened? I used to be able to sleep through this.” Oh course, those low bass-y sirens they’ve started using (as the high pitched mixed of smashing pans with a cat being raped by an eagle obviously aren’t enough) aren’t helping.

You know what else doesn’t help? Ad people who think that the sirens are something funny, such as this BoA ad that I saw somewhere along Market Street. There’s not much terribly cute about the noon air raid sirens and if for some reason equating “This is a test. This is only a test.” with ATM accessibility seems likes a good premise for a billboard trying to attract new customers, then you are a moron and should be fired.