Last week British artist Ben Flynn aka EINE crossed the pond and landed in San Francisco to prepare for the solo show ‘Greatest’ coming up March 12 at White Walls gallery. Wall Space secured him 26 shutters and walls around the city for him to paint legally. He’s been busy working his way through the entire alphabet – letter by letter, all over the city.

Although most of the letters seem to have been painted in the Mission, we have spotted two in our neighborhood. The G on the back door of 941 Geary gallery, located on Myrtle Alley and pictured on the right, and the U at Unique Cleaners on Post. As usual, Steve Rhodes was on the ball and has been photographing most of the letters.

From the White Walls press release: EINE is a London-based artist whose career started over 25 years ago when he tagged anything he could get his hands on. Although EINE’s work was initially illegal, he created a distinct typographical style that has made him one of London’s most ingenious and original street artists.

The street art component of the show is complimented by a selection of works to be displayed inside the gallery. White Walls gallery will be producing a schedule of live installations, a continually updated map of works as they appear around the city, a public artist talk, and an evening of film screenings related to EINE’S art.