Meet Gary:

As you can see, he loves laying on the couch and showing his fluffy belly. His owner Olivia says that he isn’t much of a mover, so to get on the couch, he pulls himself up and then flops over. She also says that he loves laying on people even more than the couch, while eating either your buttons or your hoodie’s strings off your clothes. Gary also loves to be held and often screams to get attention. He is extremely talkative with a high pitched voice.

Gary is 5.5 years old. Olivia explains that he was found at a rescue agency in the East Bay founded by Tony LaRussa called ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation). He was so popular with the staff that a woman painting the rescue cats chose to paint him.

Apparently Olivia wanted a black and white kitty but saw his grey mug on the site. He was extremely shy and at the time and was named Nemo. But Olivia had always liked the name Gary for animals. She even named stuffed animals Gary, and since this guy is like a giant stuffed teddy bear, he became Gary. She adds: “He loves to be held like a teddy bear. Really.”

If you, too, want your own kitteh to love and hold like a teddy bear, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the ARF website.