If you want a good read, then check out this article about Tenderloin residents fed up with people using streets as their toilet (no shit).

The sheer common sense of these residents in the neighborhood staggers me and continues to show that really, if the problems with the Tenderloin were left to the neighborhood to fix, there would be no problems. Although at $326,000 a pop to install, it’s no wonder we don’t have more given that soundbites on more SRO’s being built give so much more political capital.

The stand-out quote in all of this being:

“Obviously there’s a lot of people feeding people, so we thought it would be appropriate for those people to open their bathrooms to those folks,” Hilliard said. “What goes in must come out, and we’re not seeing the second part of that being addressed.”

And of course, just as I was writing this up last night Nevius chimed in as well.