We had a tip sent in to point to a website created by a certain Sean Campbell that quite simply asks: Is it snowing in SF yet? A simple question that it seems the news wants to continually cram down our throat until it finally doesn’t snow and they forget that they ever mentioned it. So, in the chance you don’t have any windows or live in an underground cave, consult this site.

> Update 2/25

As pointed out in this tweet by mat honan who created www.isitsnowinginsanfrancisco.com, the NY Times covers this silly SF snow site phenomena better than the SF Chronicle (shocker, I know). There’s also a dedicated Twitter for it, of course. Expect Chronicle coverage maybe Wednesday the week after next or hell, maybe not at all. I mean shit, why even try to cover the city anymore? Thanks for the update tip in the comments as well, scurvy.