We just got word that local composer T. C. Crosser is working on a new modern chamber orchestra piece entitled “Salt: The Vignettes” and he needs some help to cover the cost of musicians, recording, mastering and archival footage of the entire process.

Written for string quartet, piano and percussion, the piece is an autobiographical account of Crosser’s time as a homeless youth living in San Diego before being adopted by a number of performing arts organizations in Southern California and making a name for himself within the performing arts community.

After five years of music for film and modern dance projects all over the country and abroad, Crosser says he’s going back to his roots with this work. He describes it as being reminiscent of his earlier work but with strong influences in Punk, French Jazz and Russian string composition.

Usually dance companies commission him for large dark comedic absurdist works, but he’s now really excited to not only be able to do an autobiographical work on a more intimate scale but also to make it purely San Francisco based which he hasn’t done in more than five years.Crosser told us that the entire work is being done in the Tenderloin in his composition studio right next door to Studio C on Hyde between Turk and Eddy. Since ‘Salt’ is about the homeless he says it’s fairly fitting given the location. When we asked him about the biggest similarity between the homeless communities of San Diego, where he experienced it, and San Francisco, he said:

When you’re in survival mode you have a tendency to focus more on the little things (i.e. bumming cigarettes) and the constant looming emotional reflections of how you got there in the first place.

Right now he’s stil in in “composition mode” and working with his group of musicians to map everything out. His team of “amazing musicians” are: Kevin Rogers (violin, SF Conservatory), Erik Malmquist (violin, SF Conservatory), Ivo Bokulic (viola, backup for The Family Crest), Jerry Liu (chello, SF Conservatory) and J M Paul (previous drummer for Patty LaBelle). The work will be recorded with with Scott McDowell of Hyde Studio C. Although Crosser says fundraising is not going nearly as well as they had hoped, they’re hoping to at least have the live performance ready by the end of March and after that to raise enough funds to hit the studio.

So if you’d like to see this chamber music composition finished, head over to Kickstarter to support them.