Should SFPD be using tasers? Last year, the Police Commission voted narrowly to reject their use. But today a newly formed Police Commission (one that includes some pro-taser members) will reconsider the possibility of approving them for SFPD use.

So today at 5:30pm in Room 400, City Hall you can stand up and do what San Franciscans do best which is to make sure that your voice gets heard… which of course will then be drowned out in a sea of literally tens of other people, some of which may not even know that they’re in City Hall.

Personally, I’m torn on the subject as many police like to shoot and kill people, but then again they also like to tase people which sometimes kills them as well. Having personally dealt with this police department, I hold it in very low regard, but maybe putting some (in theory) non-lethal weapons in to their hands might be a good idea. So basically, the main two arguments are:

  • For: SFPD says the use of tasers prevents shootings. So wouldn’t you rather be tased than shot?
  • Against: A UCSF study conducted in 50 California during says that tasers don’t actually prevent killings, as during the first year of taser usage there was an increase of 550 percent in sudden deaths in custody.

Conclusion: I don’t want to be tased. Do you?