You already know we’re big fans of Julie Michelle’s storytelling & photography project I live here SF, but even more so when she features Tenderloiners or Tender friends. Today’s featured person, Leanne, is both. So, of course, we’d love for you to go read her story right now.

And if that wasn’t enough to convince, although she’s lived all over the city, she has now settled in in what’s probably our most favorite building in the Tenderloin, the Alhambra. As you can see in this picture of Leanne and her daughter, it has one of the most amazing hallways.

Our building, which boasts one-of-a-kind architecture from the ’20s, is rich with history (like so many in San Francisco) and inhabited by a cast of quirky characters (also like so many in San Francisco).

The neighborhood is wonderfully vibrant and rough around the edges, inhabited by people and families from all walks of life. I’ve also happily discovered that the street people love babies. I feel a stronger sense of community in the thick of the Tenderloin than I have anywhere else I’ve lived. I truly feel at home here.

Go read the rest of Leanne’s story and check out the rest of her photos over at I live here SF.