Thanks to our Tender Flickr pool, we came across this cool Tenderloin apartment interior. When we contacted photographer Ben Soto (whose photography we’ve featured here a few times), we found out the picture is of his apartment on Jones between Ellis and O’Farrell. It seems that he just moved there recently. “I must say that it is nice to have your place come together exactly the way you always imagined it would”, reads the caption.

Ben is an artist, so obviously his apartment has a messy studio area which you can see pictured below. Lately, though, he’s been focusing on his photography (don’t forget to check out his Flickrstream). We’re of course fans of his Tenderloin photos, but he has gorgeous pictures from all over San Francisco.

Apparently, the city in general, and the Tenderloin in particular, have been quite an inspiration for him and we’re truly happy for that:

Before now I’d hit a rut in my photography, not finding much motivation to go out and make new photos and couldn’t seem to find a way to get out of it. When I came up to San Francisco in August on vacation with my girlfriend I’d instantly fell in love with the city. I’d come to the city by the bay before, but always with family and never really saw the city. I saw the things that everyone knows of the city. An island prison, cable cars from times passed, and the gateway to a better life, but I never really saw the real city.

I went home talking of moving out and going at this photography thing full force, and to live somewhere as a transgendered person, I’d feel more comfortable as I grew into the man I’ll become. So I packed my bags, boxed up my cameras, said good bye to my family and friends, grabbed my girl and hit the road.

We got a rockin little studio apartment in the colorful Tenderloin. It was certainly a culture shock moving here, cause where I lived before was Orange County… yep Orange County California. So you can imagine that seeing people smokin crack out front my apartment, yelling at 2am, and some of the scariest dreads you could ever imagine. My mind raced at the photographic possibilities that lay before me. I took more photographs consecutively that I had ever done back home.

Oh, it turns out the polka dot shower curtains in Ben’s apartments are the exact same ones we have here at The Tender HQ. Go Ikea.