Fred Crum, the owner of the stamp-sized Timezone Gallery at 717 Leavenworth, sent us a note informing us that his gallery is re-locating to 1044 Larkin merely two blocks away. And not by choice, we might add, but because of the landlord jacking up the rent. How typical.

Since Timezone Gallery was the object of one of our first blog posts when we launched The Tender almost two years ago, we’re a bit sad to learn that the gallery will change names. Fred tells us it will be called, brace yourselves, 1044 Gallery and the opening show will be on the first Saturday in April (stay tuned for more details). We’re also sad to note that this won’t be the smallest and cutest art gallery in the neighborhood (and probably in San Francisco) anymore, as the new space is much bigger. However, it seems that the beautiful backyard garden in the old space that used to be an extension of the exhibits and where the opening receptions took place, will continue to be operational (at least until a new business moves into the Timezone space, I guess).

As some of you might remember, 1044 Larkin used to be a charming boutique named Terrasol that moved to 1742 Polk a couple of years ago and kept their old space as a private workshop. Over time, both the Terrasol guys and Fred Crum over at Timezone Gallery have been accumulating stuff. So in order to completely clear the space for the new gallery, they’re having a Garage Sale until February 27th (which they started this past weekend). The hours for the garage sale will be 10am-4pm Monday to Friday this week and 9am-3pm next weekend. Expect to find lots of random stuff, such a surprising large amount of vintage buttons. Or a red faux-fur jacket.

PS: We’re very happy to report that Beto, the most popular cat in the block, is going to continue to hang out at 1044 Larkin and to get all sorts of attention. Sorry, pigeons.