Much like the dust on the floor, links have been accumulating in our inboxes, and it’s Friday with weather that inspires inducing a coma. So here’s some reading for you:

  • The Arts Commission is now accepting proposals from San Francisco-based artists with Connections to the Central Market “neighborhood” to participate in the next round of Art in Storefronts. The deadline is March 7 to submit and/or thumb through a Thesaurus for more ways to say, “mid”. [SF Arts Commission]
  • Beware, STDs Are on the Rise in San Francisco! Syphilis alone has sharply increased by nearly 30 percent, after a short-lived decline in 2008. Also apparently on the rise: sexy times! [The Snitch]
  • What do you think is the worst taqueria in San Francisco? According to The Tens, it’s El Castillito on Golden Gate between Larkin and Hyde. He finds Taqueria Castillo B on McAllister pretty repulsive, too. Why can’t the Mission and SOMA swap locations? [The Tens]
  • Have you been enjoying the controversy over live chicken sales at the HOC Famers’ Market? No? Well, whatever, the sellers are now being sued, and you can enjoy reading four pages all about it. Keep your sharp objects hidden for the duration. [SF Bay Guardian]
  • The Sit/lie ban enforcement is temporarily on hold, so you can keep on sitting. Keep on lying. Or keep lying about sitting, for instance, I’ve been standing aaaaaall day. [The City Insider]
  • This is why people hate San Francisco: Muni. Even the homeless don’t want to ride it and, honestly, neither do we as living Loinward makes it faster to walk to just about anywhere in the city, except the Outer Sunset and well, yeah. [SFist]
  • Has your bike been stolen? It turns out you can get a new one for peanuts (or the same one that got stolen) at the Bill Graham Memorial Bicycle Thieves Market in the shadow of San Francisco’s City Hall. That solves the Muni problem. [SF Citizen]
  • Shawn is a nice guy we met one day at the Tenderloin National Forest who lives on O’Farrell at Mason. “I love where I live, because you see life 24 hours a day”, he says. “I never feel lonely here, because you could always go for a walk and see a lot of people on the streets”. [I live here SF]
  • Hitchcock should have shot “The Birds” in the Tenderloin. Instead, we just got that stupid Vertigo film, pfft. [Caliber]
  • Time for a new motto, San Francisco as “where gayz come to playz” has been overdone. [The Tenderloin Geographic Society]
  • There are only two days left to catch the play Clybourne Park at ACT Theater, so go see while you still can. Perique Blend thinks it does really good job of bringing up issues around gentrification “and our inability to have a discussion about them”. Just don’t ask us to talk about the play after wards because we’ll tell you to shut up. [Butterfly Stories]

Photo of a rainy day in the Tenderloin by CT Young, from The Tender’s Flickr Pool.