I did a double take when I saw this flyer in the lobby of my building this morning. First of all, it is the Academy of Art admitting that there is a problem with the skater children that inhabit their dorms. That in and of itself was a shock because for those of you who only have the 24 hour sirens to deal with (both high and the new low one), you don’t get to enjoy the late night flap flap of poser skaters not being able to land their kick flips. It’s kinda like someone smashing a car window next to your couch, repeatedly.

But the more hilarious aspect to this is that the AoA doesn’t really get skater mentality which is based in the church of dontgiveafuckism and unless they’re really going to crack down on them skating in front of the dorms and classrooms all the time, there is little hope of them taking a shuttle to go and skate at a park as that has boundaries and skaters don’t like boundaries, they’re rebels, man.

I would applaud this effort, but I get the feeling it’s just being done as more of a “Look, we’re trying, grumpy people” type of thing than actually trying to deal with the real problem of students who obviously aren’t being kept busy enough by their studies (as shown by how many of them also serenade us with drums, guitars and/or ukuleles in addition to skating in front of dorms).