Whether it’s a feeling of hopelessness, lack of actual work/reason to be, or the fact that in truth, you have little effect on the things that actually matter in this town, the NIMBY bomb has blown up lately. This example as well as this one are just a few articles of many which show that yes, one person can make a difference; if being a massive pain in the ass to everyone else is somehow making a difference.

Perhaps it’s out of the illusion of power that it generates or something else relating to a hatred of humanity in general, but one person has been blocking the outdoor seating application for Little Bird Coffeehouse for the last six months. One. Person. This lone voice in a sea of nearly 30,000 people that comprise this neighborhood is not representative nor is there any basis for this person (who doesn’t even live on the same street) to fight this application other than the fact they feel like fighting it and want to be contrary. At least that’s my guess, because who doesn’t like outdoor seating on a sunny day, especially on that block of Geary? (pictured above, sans outdoor seating)

So, much like the issue revolving around the parklet for farm:table, which by the way got approved and should be out very soon, we ask that you drop in to Little Bird to sign a petition to allow the permit process its due course. Or download it, sign it, and send it to them. (Let us emphasize that, as is often the case in this situations, the outdoor seating application was compliant with the city’s regulations and thus was approved by the planning commission.) The public hearing is Wednesday, March 2nd at City Hall, room 400 at 9:00 AM for those who can attend and are willing to show their support in person.

Disclaimer: We realize that, based on our last Little Bird article, it might not be the #1 spot of some of our readers, but we ask you to sign if for no other reason than to turn back this irrational tide of NIMBY bullshit and bring about some normality that doesn’t revolve around one squeaky wheel getting the grease. Also, some of you might be happy to learn that we have an article on Cafe Ariana coming up in the next days.