Do you remember that awesome band we met back in October named Cambo & The Life? A couple of days ago we got word that they just released a new music video, “Planet of the animals”, which gives a little taste of the TL:

As soon as we saw it we wanted to find out more about it, so we contacted the people behind it: Finktoons. It turns out Finktoons is a sketch comedy troupe who does live action and animated skits (who knew). It was co-founded by Brandon Fink, who directed and animated this video for friends Cambo & The Life. Brandon says it’s supposed to be set in the Tenderloin, although it is a pretty loose interpretation of it. It takes place on Turk and Leavenworth, nearby where Cambo’s studio is located and the bulk of their music is created.

I didn’t really illustrate it based on any specific landmarks or actual sites in the neighborhood. The primary inspiration for the video came from the song itself, it’s a pretty rad hip-hop song, and I wanted to make a video that kind of kept that flavor, but at the same time did a good job of poking fun at what are usually inherent values in that particular type of music-the gold chains, the bitches, the money, fancy cars, looking smooth etc. So I opted to try to convey what I viewed as the opposite of that: making the rap-superstar a big green down-syndrome monster with warts and a tiny little penis (sorry Cambo), stripping down the baller surroundings and putting him in some janky situations surrounded by crackheads and hookers and thieves, and just trying to make the whole thing pretty goofy and light hearted.

Thinking that maybe we got offended by the depiction of the neighborhood in the video (we didn’t), Brandon wants to clarify that he was not trying to knock the TL in any way in this video. And he adds, “it is a very colorful and culturally rich environment, but you can’t deny the fact that there’s a pretty hefty amount of crackheads and hookers and thieves running around. And that can sometimes be funny”. Indeed.