Since the last TenderNight in November seemed to be such a success, we were shooting to do one even better this time. We wanted a TenderCarnival with TenderPony™ rides, food carts up and down the street, plus a marching band. Well, we were out of town for awhile during the holidays, came back, caught this cold that was going around, and have just generally been playing catch up. That and the food carts all sorta crapped out on us (maybe they only like the Loin when it’s called Civic Center?) plus the fact we’re quite often lame didn’t help.

So, we decided to do something a bit more scaled back. While the open mic, the raffle and all that was fun, what we actually enjoy the most (and the reason why we do these meetups), is to do simply share a drink with all of you –the readers, the neighbors, the lovers and the haters– and shoot the shit about the hood. Let’s just call it the Post-Valentine’s Happy Hour.

Yes, it will be at Koko who will have a drink special, as usual. It will be from 6-8 or so. Yes, there is an event page on Facebook so you can let your friends how much you like to drink in the Tenderloin, for the Tenderloin’s sake. Yes, as usual and the guys from theloin will set up a pop-store with their sought-after apparel so you can shamelessly exhibit your Tenderloin pride. And this time there will also be Soapy Soaps selling their wares, since you might easily need a good shower after a week of drunken V-Day action.

We’ll probably sneak in something else cool as well, so stay tuned. Or not. In any case, come by give a howdy.