Every Monday we feature some of our favorite photos from our ever-growing Tender Flickr pool, except for last week because I was sick as a dog and in bed for a few days. Let’s hope this damn virus is gone now and we can resume our regular Tenderblogging…

If you, too, want to be featured in this world class blog (ha!), simply add your Tenderloin/TenderNob/Civic Center pictures to the group. Here are some of our favorites during the last two weeks, but make sure to check the rest of them:

Tenderloin on Film by Tim Fulmer

Parking is always free by Meligrosa

1167 by Emanistan

Canteen by Anna Kubik

Cinnabar by Travis Jensen

Untitled by Benjamin Heath

Red on Green by Cliff Williams

Tenderloin National Forest by Colleen McHugh

Good ol’ Olds by Keoki Seu

Better than living for nothing by Generik11

Hiding from predators by Bob Horowitz