As if to prove us wrong in defending that the Tenderloin is not the worst neighborhood for bike theft in the city, a distressed Tender reader has contacted us with the sad news of her beloved bike’s disappearance (pictured above):

Dear Tenderblog,

My beloved mountain bike, Gruff, was stolen out of a brown Toyota 4Runner last night on Polk & Post. Yes, I’m an idiot for leaving it in the car. The thief broke the rear window and abducted Gruff. Any chance you could post this pic and see if anyone has any information? It’s a blue Cannondale F7. It has stickers that say “The floggings will continue until morale improves,” UCSF Bicycle ID #8481, and 9:20 Special on it. I’d also appreciate it if any Tender readers have tips on how to recover a stolen bike.

Bereft cyclist

So if any of you guys have spotted the bike, leave a comment below or do send us an email that wel’ll forward to Bereft cyclist. As for tips on how to recover a stolen bike, the first thing that comes to mind is to talk to the ‘vendors’ at Le Marché corner. Just last Friday I spotted this bargain bike there: