After introducing you to a few kittehs lately, finally doggie time has arrived! Meet Sir Zigfriend von Roo:

Ziggy, as friends call him, is a 10-year-old Dachshund/Australian Shepherd TenderNob resident who is loves the sidewalk koi fishies. His owner Melissa says that when the fishes first appeared he would try to attack, lick, and then just stare at these fish – EVERY morning. “It was cute for a while but then, well, I just began to question his intelligence”, she adds. But eventually (after a couple of months), Ziggy figured out the fish mystery. Now he just ignores them.

Since his little senior legs don’t carry him very far, Melissa says they tend to hang out in a close radius from their TenderNob apartment. Which means they go to Huntington Park but he gets his feelings hurt when the fou-fou dogs (and owners) won’t say hi in spite of his fancy name. Instead, he thinks he is the Official Greeter to everyone in the ‘Loin. He’s always begging for samples at Bite and Bellisimo Pizza on Sutter. And Pat, the morning bartender at Ace’s, gives him a treat each morning he comes by. He also loves to hit Pearl’s Burgers on Post and El Super Burrito on Polk. He’s even made an appearance at Fly Bar.

Melissa further explains that she got Zigfried von Roo through Muttville, a rescue dedicated to senior dogs, giving them homes for their golden years. He is her second dog through Muttville as, sadly, Walter Chorizo (a Dachshund) passed away last year. Ziggy’s mom died last summer and her family wouldn’t take him – can you imagine?

If you, too, want your own senir doggie to love and fight with street art, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the Muttville website.