Yes, you’ve read that correctly: there’s a Tenderloin Coffee Crawl coming up on Saturday! And not just any coffee, but fancy, specialty coffee from local roasters. It’s technically a Tenderloin and Nob Hill coffee crawl, but it just sounds so much more badass to leave the Nob Hill out (sorry, Contraband, first permit hell and now this…).

The coffee fest is organized by a hard-core coffee geek (dare we say bean nerd?) and farm:table co-owner Shannon, who can spend hours talking about the perfect cup of coffee. Try him, you’ll see. Besides farm:table, who will represent Verve, participating coffee shops include: Hooker’s Sweet Treats, representing Sightglass, Little Bird representing Ritual and De la Paz, Contraband, representing their own brand, AND with a surprise pop-up coffee kiosk (that sadly doesn’t include humin jumping out of a bush in a bear suit) over at the Bamboo Bike Studio serving another popular San Francisco third-wave coffee roaster which most of you can probably guess, but don’t spoil the ending for everyone else in the theater, okay?

There will be cuppings and demonstrations, as well as some general socializing–geekery and Loinster-ery, from 2 to 5pm, and afterward the presumably very wired party will continue at Koko Cocktails, where they’ll will serve a special Revolver coffee cocktail to wrap up the event (heads up: don’t swallow the booze beans).

For details about the participating businesses and a map, click here. Also RSVP if you know, you want at the Facebook page.

The beautiful flyer is the work of TenderNob designer and farm:table regular Jason Permenter, whom we’ll hopefully see on Saturday leaving his farm:table comfort zone.