The following bike poster has made pretty much all the blogging rounds today (Uptown Almanac, Timbuk2, Laughing Squid, etc.) It’s a decent chuckle and created by agirlnamedtor, so good for her.

It just happens that the Tenderloin “bike” is a bit of bullshit being a locked up frame with stolen wheels. It’s true that San Francisco is generally in the Top 10 for bike theft for the US, which makes sense given the amount of riders. It just so happens that the Tenderloin is not the worst neighborhood for bike theft in the city though. It’s not even in the top five. The Mission is #1 followed by SOMA, Upper-Market, Fisherman’s Wharf, Mission Bay, South Beach, Financial District, Hayes Valley, then Tenderloin tying with Nob Hill and the Richmond.

I think that Kevin at Uptown Almanac sums up the general stupidity of it with, “I have never once seen a unicycle in the Haight”. ‘Nuff said. Do a little research before future charting endeavors.