If you have a band (the “boy” type doesn’t count), a bunch of songs to cram down the world’s throat, a Facebook account, a lot of friends but not much cash, you’re in luck! Studio C in the historic Hyde Street Studios is having a big sale in February as illustrated by this video that was probably produced by the same technical masterminds as Necessary Conversation.

Basically, for the month of February, studio days are 10% off, but for every 200 people who “like” their Facebook page, they’ll take an additional 5% off their studio day rate all the way up to 40%. Now it’s your opportunity to become famous or perhaps just find an avenue to getting more ass than playing your guitar at Hallidie Plaza will get you.

(Oh, and don’t think we’re getting paid for this posting. Musicians have less money than bloggers. We just wanted to mention it to promote the studio space again as we love seeing more bands pop out around here. Oh, and while you’re “liking” their Facebook page, go and like ours too. Every time you don’t a swan dies…)