This week let us introduce you to a cat who, for a change, doesn’t seem to be plotting world domination (but probably still likes to steal all the good spots in the house). Meet the shy and mellow Poldy:

Owner Jeneen tells us they’ve lived in the Tendernob for almost 10 years and although “they have enjoyed it immensely”, she’s soon moving to Russian Hill with her fiancé. Poldy says he’ll miss the neighborhood.

Jeneen says she found Poldy (often called The Poldy Cat) in South San Francisco, near the South City Caltrain Station, darting from hiding spot to hiding spot looking for food and avoiding scary people. Jeneen says she was a “borderline crazy cat lady”, feeding him for about 4 months before she gained his trust… and then promptly shoved him into a crate and kidnapped him to imprisonment in a studio apartment in the Tendernob (crazy cat lady, she said? ahem). She also claims she wasn’t sure if he would be pet material, or would ever really like people, but then he blossomed from a dirty 7 month old kitten hiding under her stove into a (still shy) but people loving “cuddle bug”.

Oh, and like any proper house cat, Poldy loves sleeping on her owner’s laptop (as well as inside cardboard boxes, of course):

If you, too, want your own kitteh to love and sleep on your Macbook keyboard, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.