As time went on with the election last fall, Jane Kim ended up becoming the candidate that I absolutely did not want to have no matter what. The more I heard from her, the more I realized that she was basically the same type of person as Chris Daly (petty and small minded) yet she was completely the opposite in how she displayed it, in that she hides a lot from public view (at least Daly was entertaining). Naturally, despite my aversion to her hollow politics and guarded manners, she won the race and now that she’s comfortably in office (goodbye listening booths), she’s decided to show that yes, Randy Shaw’s girl is ready to carry the Daly mantle.

Getting down to business meant first looking in to bedbug problems. While they are indeed an issue, they also happen to be one that affects primarily SRO units. You might also note in that link that pedestrian safety in SOMA is at the top of her list because obviously, people are getting run over by hospital shuttles in SOMA (not the Tenderloin) all the time. Oh, wait.

Then there’s her stupid refusal to say the Pledge of Allegiance. For some reason she doesn’t seem to actually understand the content of the pledge, as very tersely outlined on the blog District 5 Diary, showing that yes, she primarily just united hotness and dimness in her campaign. Oh, it should also be noted the Chris Daly had his issues with the Pledge of Allegiance as well, so her little pout fest is nothing original. It just happens that Daly’s issue was with the “Under God” bit which I agree does take a heaving dump on the whole separation of church and state thingy (which we’re still far from achieving in this country).

Okay, so now we get to that unavoidable point in any article that’s long enough about the Tenderloin wherein it will either devolve in to a debate about drugs, homeless, and/or, yes, questionable live chicken sales, specifically the ones happening at my food source, Heart of the City Farmers’ Market. While I’ll admit I’m not a huge fan of veganism, I’m less of a fan of bullshit, which is what’s been happening with the live poultry sales in that they’re not actually legal. Jane Kim refuses to meet with those who are trying to do something about it in a general platform of trying to ignore the problem until it goes away. She seems to have forgotten that she’s now a public official in San Francisco, the womb of NIMBY.

Take a look at the video below for the whole scoop. I’d warn you that it shows a lot of chicken feces in it, but if you’re reading this site, you’ve probably seen worse. Also, it gets meatier about halfway through:

If you think that the protesters are assholes, you should go down to the market and see them. They’re a pretty mellow group that, while annoying in their staring down the wads of people buying these crappy bagged chickens, in the end they are just a group of folks trying to actual uphold the law, while getting blown off by the politicians who care not to enforce it (and also literally receiving blows from the vendors, whom are now getting sued for assault and battery).

So basically, meet the first two weeks of Ms Jane Kim, the District 6 Supervisor for the next half a decade. She’s off to an amazing start not really giving a damn about the people who actually live and work in this district and showing that yes, she is indeed little more than a pretty face. Here’s to 2015!