Back in September we brought you the news (via Grubstreet) of a new Vietnamese cafe to open on Eddy street between Polk and Larkin called, Four Seasons Cafe. Well, nearly four months later the place is finally open but not quite since they’re still waiting for their food permit.

When we walked by on Monday afternoon the space basically looked ready to start rolling. But as soon as we walked in, the owner told us that all they could offer for the time being is coffee or sodas. He was sitting on a table with a group of friends doing crosswords and watching tv, while two women were washing some stuff in the back. It sorta looked like a weird scene out of a movie.

They opened about two weeks ago, he explained, but their permits have been dragging longer than they expected — as seems to be the case with every new enterprise in this city which is hell-bent on crushing small business via bureaucracy or NIMBYism. It makes us want to start a new category on this site called, “Permits Pending”. Once the neverending paperwork is finally completed they’ll be serving banh mi and some other Vietnamese specialties, “all very good, you’ll see, but not yet”. Soon, let’s hope.