The Lower Haight is freakin’ the hell out because of two murders happening there in the last four days. Of course, one of the murders didn’t actually happen there and the other was two “aerospace engineers” getting in a fight. Naturally, the Examiner is blowing them headlines up, way up because naturally it’s not like the Examiner jumped the shark or anything with their “Bastards!” headline on September 12, 2001. They’re a top notch, spellchecked operation over there.

I’m really quite shocked that these murders weren’t placed in the Tenderloin as well given that whenever a fan is hit with shit, that fan shall be a Tenderloin fan and no other. For instance this classic example of jumping the gun where the Examiner saw, “murder” and “Turk Street” to assume that it was in the Tenderloin before properly checking the police report to see that it was in Western Addition (or North Hayes, or whatever). It’s all much like the new bandying about of “Mid-Market” as the term to use for developing the Tenderloin, but that my friends is yet another article to get pissed about.