Every Monday we feature some of our favorite photos from our Tender Flickr pool, which now has over 80 members and about 1,400 pictures. If you, too, want to be featured here, simply add your Tenderloin pictures to the group. Here are some of the ones we liked this week, but make sure to check them all because there are many of them:

Reflection by Johnny Nicoloro

Giants car by Adam Harrison

Cornrow’d by Armazi

Finest nails and diet coke by Erik Wilson

Glenarm Apts by Bhautik Joshi

Turk and Hyde by Sirgious

This seemed unnecessary by Eric Gelinas

Two month old puppy named Hennessy by Troy Holden

Club 21 by Tim Fulmer

Skies above a National Forest by Thomas Hawk

Streets that time walks by Brandon Doran