For those not dialed in to the police radio, there was a fatal shooting yesterday at Jebena, the coffeeshop at the corner of Polk and Geary. It appears Jebena was an accidental scene for the crime, as the shooting happening there had more to do with the victim running in just before being shot–probably running away after being spotted by his assailant in the street. For those who mysteriously haven’t heard it (San Francisco media loves to report on Tenderloin crimes extensively), this already adds up to something like murder #4 for the Tenderloin in the first two weeks of the new year. Obviously, this is not a tremendously great starting point. Way to live up to the stereotypes, Tenderloin.

Not that it’s any consolation (or justification), but it must be said (and of course it never is) that all of these homicides were due to victims knowing each other beforehand. And probably in some kind of (illegal) business capacity. It wasn’t just some nutty guy going on a shooting rampage in the neighborhood. Yeah, there are dangerous wackos out there with guns as was sadly shown in Arizona last weekend, but these killings aren’t random. Should you be worried? Sure, but primarily if you’re part of drug deal that’s gone bad or getting in arguments outside of strip clubs. Stupid shit begets stupid shit.

As a side note, sometimes the SFGate commentors are flat-out awesome like the top one on the Jebena murder article that said, “Good descriptive reporting: We should all be on the lookout for a man.” So now you know.