In case you didn’t know, The Tender has a Vimeo channel. But since we don’t have video cameras, we don’t really add many videos in there. That’s why I had forgotten about this poem titled Samsara Tourism by Jonathan Hirsch, that he read during the last Tenderloin Reading Series poetry event back in November. As you might know, he organizes them quarterly at Koko Cocktails, and the next one will mark its second anniversary. So don’t miss it, it will be on March 19th.

In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful poem dedicated to beloved Tenderloin dive joint the Kum Bak Klub on Ellis, which closed a couple of months ago but will apparently reopen at 335 Jones, next to Ha Nam Ninh (or is it already open there? more research needed). And in case you’re not a fan of crappy videos shot in dark bars, you can read the whole poem over at Julie Lives Here.