I just got stumbled upon this recent collaborative art project of one minute videos depicting cities around the world, City One Minutes by the, The One Minutes foundation and Holland Doc 24 / VPRO in partnership with East China Normal University.

The project tries to show how people live in over a hundred cities through a series of 24 one-minute films that each depict one hour of the day, filmed by artists who live or are staying in that city. Of course, San Francisco was one of the chosen cities, featuring several cliché locations such as the Golden Gate Bridge (because naturally we all “live” at the bridge), the Ferry Building, or Dolores Park. But there also happens to be a tiny piece of our neighborhood: the Edinburgh Castle. Watch the series by clicking on the image below:

The videos are typically a collection of still street shots or a space during a one-hour period, done by mostly Dutch artists. So, inevitably, many of the videos fall into a tourist vision of the cities as opposed to giving a real insight because as we all know, San Francisco is chocked-full of a continual hippie presence. But since the main objective of the project was to offer glimpses into cities “on the other side of the world” for curious people, then I would suggest San Francisco viewers to avoid watching the videos shot in our city and instead browse through more exotic places such as Ouagadougou or Ulan Bator. It’s quite addictive. And bonus points for those who know where every city is without the assistance of Wikipedia or Google Maps.