As most of you in reader land already know, there’s a wall on Leavenworth Gallery Heist (located just around the corner at 679 Geary) that has been using as an extension of their exhibits for the last few months. For example, in August there were some skulls by Mario Ayala from their ‘Ephemeral Beauty’ group show, and in September there was a piece by Mario Wagner who was having a solo show. Now, since mid-December and until the 31st of this month, there’s a colorful animal with wings from the ‘Let’s party’ exhibit by Mike Kershnar and Tender neighbor Mike Giant (here photographed by the lovely Meligrosa):

You may remember that back in October we had the pleasure to meet Mike Kershnar and see him work on a large, impressive mural featuring the lifecycle of a hummingbird, that you can now admire on the side of the Art Institute of California at the UN Plaza. Below you can see Mike working on this one, snapped by Tender friend Armazi on December 16:

I guess the city has really enjoyed this wall, since now Gallery Heist has decided to expand their mural marketing to other walls in the city. But the second one, located on Divisadero at Hayes, already caused some controversy in its short life, including some cat-fighting in the graffiti/blog/hipster scene with a series of misunderstandings with artists, painting over, tagging and general drama. Let’s hope that the Tenderloin wall continues to be enjoyed without raising that kind of negative attention.

First photo by Meligrosa, second by Armazi, both from our Tender Flickr pool