Although we received these lovely pics awhile back from owner Jennifer, it gives us great pleasure to introduce our very first Kitteh of the Week of 2011. Meet Ms. Inez Pasarow (the one on the left):

As you can see, this cute tortoise shell is extremely thrilled to be photographed for the internetz. “She can be a great pain in the ass”, we’re told. Apparently, she’s the rottweiler of cats as is made obvious in this fierce picture, me-ow:

Oh, I guess Jennifer just meant that she’s a bit bossy, always trying to get the good spot to sit on the couch or on the bed (I’m assuming it’s the one in the picture, as she looks utterly satisfied). And she likes to whine, but not a full meow, a half-ass one. “It’s sometimes excruciating to hear especially being woken by it”, says Jennifer. “But she is a good egg”, she adds. We guess she’s had time to adapt to Inez since she adopted her as a kitten from a mobile SPCA during her lunch hour, about 13 years ago. “She will outlive us all”, she says, and it’s probably true.

Jennifer and Inez don’t actually live in the Tenderloin proper, but further up the hill in Nobland. But, Jennifer says they’re regulars at Whiskey Thieves and have been friends with the owners since the 1990’s. Jennifer even celebrates her birthday there every year on Halloween, but we ignore when Inez celebrates hers. “We’re a little family down there”, she says. “We sit at what’s called the elbow. The corner of the bar”. We’d like to see a picture of Inez at the bar, as we wonder if it would look like this one.

And, of course, they’re friends with Little Bird too (Inez would probably like to meet the bird, though).

If you, too, want your own kitteh to love and take to your favorite bars, take a look at all these little adoptable fellas at the SPCA website.