Let’s face it, year-end wrap up posts are pretty lame, especially as 2010 sorta sucked a lumpy ball for the most part. Of course, that doesn’t stop everyone with some kind of news or blog site from doing them because well, they’re kinda easy to slap together. Also, whether your family is driving you insane at the moment or you’re gazing at this with red, bleary, 2011 eyes, it all makes for a decent recap of the the last year on The Tender as we proudly scrape the Tenderloin and TenderNob to extract its juicy goodness.

You will notice that the majority of the articles are from the second half of 2010. That’s because we were out of the country for most of the first half and, being so far removed, we figured we didn’t really have all that much to add. Obviously, that changed a great deal once we got back.

Bye bye, 824 Hyde
That fire, which gutted the building in October, was a real blow. It was even worse than the one a week earlier at 550 Leavenworth. It’s not been a good second half of the year for the historical buildings in the Loin.

Love & Hate in the Loin
From our last Tendernight, we were able to compile two lengthy lists of all that is awesome and all that squalid in the hood.

Sign Landmarking
That Kahn & Keville sign that we photograph often got some kind of landmark status. Still not sure what. If you know, shout it out.

Academy Blues
The Academy of Art was called the Villian of the Year and didn’t do much to prove otherwise, especially as they were called out on the litany of laws that they’ve been breaking.

The age-old battle of idiot vs. pedestrian
An older woman was killed in a crosswalk on Geary while she was walking on a green. Kinda hard to spin that as anything other than the fault of the UCSF shuttle driver. Oh but, “…he had no incidents in the three years he had been driving for UCSF…” The past doesn’t really matter when you kill someone with a moving vehicle.

San Franciscans love themselves
While a larger, SF event, Julie Michelle’s portrait series from i live here:SF ran through November. It featured a number of Tenderlocals such as humin, evarels, Dottie, and Jonathan.

Parking sucks
Yeah, we tried to be part of Park(ing) Day. The weather wasn’t the best, but we pressed onward and were stalked by Alyssa Jones, which is a lot more enjoyable than it sounds.

Shut up about dignity already
Oh, this fucking District 6 election. We tried to stay out of it as we guessed that it would most likely turn out in a less than favorable way (which it did), but it was just so, everywhere, it was impossible to avoid. Probably the best thing to come out of it were these posters.

Keeping the hood downtrodden
The local activists (or “poverty pimps” as they’re oft called) drive us a little crazy as most of them don’t live in the Tenderloin, yet try to direct the neighborhood as if they did. It’s irksome to say the least and it’s not improving anything, yet spending oodles of money in the lofty goal of status quo maintenance. Their rebranding efforts are also not appreciated.

Hooker’s now here
That’s not much of a headline in this neighborhood, but naturally we’re referring to Hooker’s Sweet Treats which opened up a few months back and has been dusting the mid Loin with treats ever since. Yes, that pun was indeed intended. I haven’t had my tea yet today.

Define that Loin
This poll got a bit of play awhile back as no one really knows exactly what the Loin is. Most just think that it’s wherever places are shitty in San Francisco’s downtown area. Naturally, we disagree, but that is a debate better had on a microhood level.

Why does the caged kitteh purr?
Also known as Vixen, this most awesome of cats we discovered and enjoy petting whenever we’re walking down Leavenworth between Sutter & Post.

If you think there are other articles that should be in this list, then feel free to spit them up in the comments. Otherwise, here’s to 2011 kicking 2010 in the groin, laughing at it and saying, “See 2010, you did suck. I’m a totally better year.”