You won’t see the interactive billboards in our neighborhood proper, only a couple of them by Tenderloin East Union Square and one on Cyril Magnin. But the Yahoo! Bus Stop Derby currently has the Tenderloin in third place a month after launching on a bunch of Muni shelters around the city (or at least the last time we checked).

I know, you probably want to know how that happened, but what’s more important is to stop thinking and get out and play for the Loin. We might even suggest to play if you happen to pass by one of the selected Muni shelters even if you don’t have a bus to catch. You only have a month left (the derby ends ends January 28, 2011), so hurry! And in case you needed some inspiration, watch Missionite Jeff from Muni Diaries win a few points for his hood and do the same for the Loin.

Why? Because it would be very enjoyable to beat both Mission and North Beach, but also to watch them put on an OK Go show in the actual Tenderloin (that’s the prize). Yeah, I bet they’re thinking they can just away with parking it at Civic Center, but no, I want to see that bastard set up at somewhere like Jones & Ellis or Leavenworth & Eddy.

To see that come about, that means everyone needs to get out there and play, play for the Loin! If you don’t and the Loin loses, we’re going to blame you. You’ve been warned, y’all.