We can all agree that buying gifts for the whole family during the week before Christmas sucks ball. Especially when not inspired. So for all of you slackers, we present you with five last-minute gift ideas that you can find right here in the neighborhood for those single aunts or cousins that you only see once a year that you’ve forgotten to shop for. Or, since you’re exhausted from shopping for everyone, to treat yourself with some local goodies. Enjoy!

  • One of the newest designs from theloin apparel, designed by Manuel Peinado. The bicycle one in particular is a big local hit. Or get the classic ‘I <3 TL‘ tee or hoodie. They only have an online store but you can just email them and arrange to pick the merchandise up personally somewhere in the neighborhood.
  • Affordable art from Kokoro Studio, on Geary at Leavenworth. Including handmade cards, t-shirts, photographs, drawings, purses and hairbands, knitted mushrooms, Christmas-themed paintings, collector toys and more. Actually, you could do all your remaining Christmas shopping there.

  • Handmade soaps from Soapy Soaps. Once again, it’s an online store but you can just email them and arrange to pick the soaps up personally somewhere in the neighborhood. Ask for the gift wrap that says ‘handmade in the Tenderloin’ – that’ll give you endless joke opportunities at the dinner table.
  • Sea salt and chocolate-covered caramels from Hooker’s Sweet Treats. But hurry up because he’s closed tomorrow (the 24th)! If your gift recipient is a coffee drinker, then you could add a bag of beans from San Francisco micro-roaster Sightglass.
  • If, on the other hand, your gift recipient is a tea drinker, you can get a nice ceramic teapot and some fancy Chinese teas from A Tea Garden on Eddy (at Larkin).
  • And if you’re really cheap or you prefer not to contribute to consumeerism, you can always pass by the Goodwill store on Geary (between Larkin and Hyde) and give a new life to some used object. I always find interesting stuff there.