I have to admit that I’m much more of a walker than a cyclist, but when it comes to anything that’s non-car, I’m a fan. This is one of the reasons that when I saw the new bike racks at Civic Center that the SF Bike Coalition wrote about, I was pretty stoked. And not only because there’s a serious lack of bike racks in the city. Just look at them:

Wave Rack by Ryan Dempsey, in front of City Hall on Polk Street.

I mean honestly, the current bike racks we have in this city are, to put it in the most mild of terms, fucking ugly hunks of heaping turd. That makes the rework of the originals you see below even cooler. That and they just look fast. Woohoo!

Bike Rack by Todd Gilens, located in front of Show Dogs at 1020 Market street.

But, it’s true that there has been a lot of bike activity in the neighborhood lately such as the opening of Bamboo Bike Studio and the bike warehouse that is farm:table any given morning. Whether it’s just a Loinster thing or they’re actually here to stay, I wholeheartedly support it.

Map Rack by Kirk Scott, located in front of City Hall on Polk street.

Check out the rest of the pictures of these three awesome bike racks that the SF Bicycle Coalition selected after running a contest.