A couple of weeks ago, on the morning of December 2nd, a small fire damaged one of the top apartments of a nice building on Hyde street between Eddy and Turk. Although a Tender tipster had sent us a text about the fire as it was happening, it was contained after just a few minutes and there wasn’t much to see, which naturally didn’t stop a peanut gallery from congregating. However, later that day, as I was walking down Hyde, I saw a pile of burned furniture on that block and several people trying to salvage some of the damaged goods (this is, after all, the corner of Le Marché).

At the time I didn’t post those pictures as they didn’t seem so interesting, but as I was looking for something for this week’s ‘Where in the Loin?’, I came across this picture of a page of a burned book. So I’m offering Tender readers a special challenge this time: do any of you know from which book this page is from? (click to enlarge)

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