Most people don’t often think about modern, handmade furniture in conjunction with the Tenderloin, but it just so happens that there is a fine, subterranean craftsman making apartment-centric one of a kind furnishings. Meet Oliver and das form bureau.

As you may have guessed from the name, Oliver is originally from Germany. For many years he has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area in varying, “portable” capacities but when he finally settled down to more permanent housing, he lived in a dinky studio apartment right next door to Edinburgh Castle. Living there with his wife and two cats (yes, these two cats) he realized that he had to make the most of the space provided, which wasn’t much.

Thus began his first endeavors in to the craft of furniture–a type of which needed to be functional for living within the tight confines of San Francisco apartment life. Initially, it was just a raised bed frame, that gave way to a dining table. This dining table gave way to more innovation as once it was constructed, Oliver realized that it was just the tiniest bit too large to fit in the doors. So, he had to work on designing it to be able to be taken apart easily to be moved in and out of small spaces. Basically, think of it as Ikea furniture that is made from sustainable real wood, can be taken apart and put back together, and is handcrafted.

These days, Oliver has a whole line of high end, finely-built works that are nothing short of genius in how they fit in to home and are both incredible functional while also beautifully designed. While you can tell that they were dreamed up out of personal need, the universal application and insane attention to quality of work is amazing. Running my hand along a current table that Oliver is working on, while I can see the joints, I simply can’t feel them–and these are designed to come apart and go back together in 15 minutes.

Walking through Oliver’s top floor, south-facing apartment is like walking through a high-end furniture catalog, kitteh Gothic arch and all. You can create this look as well of course as Oliver and das form bureau will happily hook you up with sleek, modern furnishing of your very own.