We must crush it, this Lower Haight. It must be destroyed in the 1st Round of the Curbed Cup. There are so many reason to claim hood superiority, but really, it all boils down to crack pipe vs. pot pipe and may the crack pipe win, carrying the mantle for all the cheap eats and happening hood that we have. I mean, the Tenderloin is the heart of the city and doesn’t have “Lower” in the name which infers immediate inferiority. Lower Haight is… uh… someone on some bus line that’s like somewhere not in the center. I think I bumped in to some drunk Lufthansa flight attendants checking it out once because they were bored, but other than that, what is this hood? It’s not the Tenderloin, that’s what it is.

And yes, respect back at you, Haighteration, but we toss down the gauntlet. And to all of you who want to accuse us of being on holiday, let me assure you that we are indeed (another mai tai please, thanks), but we view this with the utmost importance.

Tender Readers, it’s time to show your Tenderloin pride: go vote and crush the Lower Haight!