While “emergency demolition” was approved nearly immediately after the fire that gutted 824 Hyde almost two months ago, it’s taken quite some time to get out the heavy equipment needed to turn a 95 year-old building in to rubble. But, last week, the time finally came and unlike 901 Bush Street which was rebuilt a couple years ago, there will be no rebirth from the literal ashes. Definitely sad to see the building go.

In the gallery below (which due to a lot of the work being started by hand meant we took these over several days), you can see that people weren’t able to go back in as there are endless belongings on display. We hope that those who were displaced by the fire have managed to pull their lives back together to some degree.

> Update 12/20

For those interested in seeing proper destruction and the hole between the two buildings, The Tens has a more recent photo of the nearly-finished demolition work.