You all know you love a good sandwich and if you don’t know that yet, then you probably haven’t eaten at Morty’s on Golden Gate, where they fix up some tasty, tasty shit between two slices of bread. Hell, some Tender readers even consider it to be as good as the mythical Ike’s

Whether you already love Morty’s or haven’t even been yet, now it’s your chance to go there with a Tender discount. Word has come down that today only through Scoutmob, you can get a free code for 50% off! Holy crap! You just have to request it through this link and you’ll receive it in your phone.

Oh and in case you’re thinking, what’s this whole sponsored post BS doing in my Tender Feed, let it be known that your dear Tender Authors were the first ones to hook themselves up with this deal because yes, it’s that good.