In typical San Francisco fashion, while alarmist have been clanging on and on about gentrification and condos, non-profits have been building up nice little new condos with great abandon. Now, I have nothing against people living in good buildings. I just have yet to understand a) why they need to all be focused in the Tenderloin (people will indeed go to where services are) and b) why these new structures have to look so crappy. Those buildings that were built down on Taylor near Market are decently okay, but will not age well. They were also built upon empty lots, so no real harm done (although green space would have been nicer). But, a new building development has been proposed to go up at 121 Golden Gate, which is at the corner of Jones.

Apparently that rather bland building, built in 1912 is a historical building that can’t be torn down outright. So, in order to go ahead with their plans, they’ve proposed plopping this new structure on top of the historical one. Oh, just in case that doesn’t look like a tub of shit to you in the photo, take a look at a similar lump at the corner of Frank Norris & Polk.

This mix of new and old simply does not bode well. I think that a much better option if this needs to be done is to do what H&M did on Powell wherein they tear out the interior and keep the facade. While I hate to see the old buildings go, that is a far better option than what’s being proposed now.

HT to Socketsite for keeping up these haps.